Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami

Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami

Vidnami Review – How it changed my Life – Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami
As you’ll learn in my Vidnami review here, if you’re aiming to produce interesting videos that get your message throughout in an awesome method, Vidnami is the tool of option.

Not just is it quick and easy to use, however it also needs no previous techical knowledge whatsoever. Plus it’s enjoyable to use. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.



What is Vidnami (formerly Content Samurai)?
Vidnami is an online video maker whose expert system analyses went into text and immediately selects relevant images/ video clips making it possible for users to rapidly create professional-looking videos without the requirement for any previous technical knowledge.

Composed material (like article) can be repurposed into a medium far more aesthetically appealing which substantially assists keep viewers engaged for longer and enhances conversion rates.

What’s finest is that this is all done by means of an instinctive user interface and detailed method that smashes the time needed to make a video while removing all tech-related obstacles.

You don’t even need to reveal your face or use your own voice, you can utilize the tool’s Auto Voice feature; you don’t even have to download or set up anything, it’s a web-based app. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.

Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami

Quick Vidnami History Lesson
Vidnami was presented to the market as Content Samurai in 2015 and has actually been updated quite frequently since.

In Might of 2020, the tool changed its name to its existing denomination, “Vidnami”. “Material Samurai” was a very long, hard-to-spell name and it didn’t actually sound like a video creation platform.

The name “Vidnami” is a portmanteau of the word “video” and “Nami”, the Japanese word for “wave”. The goal behind this word combination is to communicate the concept of creating a favorable wave of influence worldwide through video.


Who Produced Vidnami?
Vidnami was produced by Noble Samurai, a software application company from Australia that develops cutting-edge applications to assist internet online marketers optimize their online marketing success.

The company is built on top of years of experience in its field and has already supplied us with products such as Market Samurai (among the first market and keyword research study tools), Concern Samurai and Vidsy. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.


Who Is Vidnami Not for?
Vidnami is fantastic however it isn’t for everyone. If among the following situations matches yours, then this tool is probably not for you.

1. Online marketers on a Small Budget plan
Given, you’re free to cancel your account at any time. Not everybody can afford to pay $47 (or $35 at a discount rate) on a monthly basis for a video development tool.

2. Casual Content Online Marketers
If you’re somebody who just does content marketing once in a blue moon, maybe investing cash on a software application you’re going to be using every so often might not be the best option.

3. People Wishing To do Complete Video Modifying
This goes together with the next one – if you’re searching for a video modifying software that uses full control, Vidnami is not it.

4. Seasoned Video Editors
Do you have advanced video modifying skills and own pricey video editing software application? In that case, Vidnami is most likely not for you.

Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami

Is Vidnami Suitable for You?
So, you couldn’t relate to any of the circumstances in the above section and you’re still questioning: is Vidnami suitable for me?

Inspect if you fall under among the following classifications to find out. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.

1. Individuals who wish to include video to their method without spending too much cash
Vidnami is for those who want to put a video marketing method in place however can’t pay for or aren’t going to invest countless dollars to do it.

2. Non-tech savvy people who acknowledge the value of video and worth their time
If you comprehend how effective video can be and are searching for an easy-to-use video production tool that can save you time and deliver results, then Vidnami might be the one for you.

3. Everyone wanting to enhance their content, get more direct exposure and reach a larger audience
Noble Samurai’s video tool is suited for everybody focused on enhancing their content strategy.

That’s generally, those who want to: 1) enhance their article with a video, 2) utilize a more appealing type of medium and 3) do content repurposing by turning their written content into videos

4. Marketers, bloggers and influencers intending to produce fast and spectacular videos.
Anyone seeking to rapidly create professional-looking videos of any kind will find this tool fantastic.

From sales videos (that ‘d complement your sales letters), to video ads for social media, from influencer videos where you speak to your tribe to training/ online course videos where you teach your trainees to whatever you can consider … the list goes on and Vidnami can assist. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.

5. SEOs wishing to build natural backlinks
Including a cool, engaging video (like the ones Vidnami enables you to produce) to your content can truly help spice it up and make it more interesting.

So much so that you’ll be most likely to build (or better yet, “earn”) links from other sites naturally.

The more backlinks a page gets, the more SEO power. And with more SEO power come … greater search engine rankings.

6. Shy or privacy-concerned individuals wishing to bank on video
People who choose not to show their face on video camera or share their voice openly, shy people or privacy-concerned individuals still wanting to bank on video will discover this tool to be ideal for their jobs.

Just check Vidnami’s functions to learn how.




This Is Why You Can’t Threat Being Left Behind
Video Is Incredibly Effective
In an increasingly more digital world, customer and user interaction with business and personal brands is changing and video is blazing a trail. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.

Aware of the truth, giants like Google (bought Youtube for $1.65 billion), Facebook (bet huge on social video) and Amazon (released Prime Video) were quick to change gears towards this medium.

Here’s why video is ending up being increasingly important:

1. Video has a high level of shareability and engagement
On Facebook, videos are shared 2 times more than articles or images; on Twitter, 6 times more than photos and 3 times more than GIFs.

When you add captions to your video ads on Facebook that’ll generally increase view time by 12%. Compared to a picture, 135% more organic reach is what a video will get on Facebook. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.

2. Video communicates messages better and quicker
1.8 million words in plain text would be needed to communicate the same richness of details and psychological connection that can be achieved from simply one minute of video, James McQuivey (VP Analyst, Forrester Research) calculated.

3. Video boosts conversions
This medium is one of the most reliable methods of converting prospects into clients.

Eight out of ten consumers state that they are more likely to purchase a services or product after viewing a video explaining it.

4. Video drives more web traffic
Video material attracts 300% more traffic than any other kind.

It will represent more than three quarters of internet traffic in the future, a CISCO research states.

5. Video helps improve SEO
If done right, embedding a video can improve a page’s SEO as it’ll contribute to decrease that page’s bounce rate and enhance time on website.

Both are important ranking factors that will make you go up on the online search engine results pages.

6. Video is accessible to everyone
People are winning the race to get the general public’s attention versus big players with large budget plans. There’s no requirement for big productions or great deals of money invested to work with professional videographers. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.


It’s Not All Rainbows and Butterflies … Certainly!
Whether you’re a blogger, influencer, online marketer or entrepreneur, if you’re somebody going for success, you can’t afford losing out on this great opportunity.

For sure, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. There might be some obstacles along the way.

Here are just a few:

  • You don’t have time to do it yourself.
  • You can’t manage or do not like outsourcing video modifying.
  • It’s hard to produce appealing videos or you do not know how.
  • You don’t own recording equipment and it’s incredibly costly.
  • The technical details are overwhelming or it’s a steep knowing curve.
  • You don’t feel comfortable showing your face on camera or even utilizing your voice.
  • If Only There Was a Solution …
  • You have actually seen how effective video and video marketing is and how it could drastically alter what you do.

You ‘d like to go for it, but there are some obstacles that have been dropping in your tracks. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.

If only there was a solution …

Thankfully there is. There are tools that can relieve the video creation process.

And a few, like Vidnami, that can eliminate most – if not all – of the challenges and even make the whole thing feel pretty easy.


Here’s How Vidnami Concerns the Rescue

1. Vidnami allows you to develop videos quickly
If time is cash, then wasted time is lost money.
Saved time is more money or, better yet, gained money.

If video material has a lot of advantages and is such a terrific chance, the quicker you develop it, the better. Plus the more time you’ll have to make more of it. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.

And Vidnami is everything about producing quality videos in quick and easy style.

2. Vidnami is very straightforward and there’s no requirement for pricey recording devices
You truly don’t need a huge budget for contracting out video modifying or costly recording gear.

Not with Vidnami. Being such an easy-to-use tool, you’ll be able to make your videos yourself from starting to end and you don’t even need to own a mic or a webcam. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.

3. Producing engaging videos using Vidnami is as basic as selecting a design template
Ignore technical information or needing to handle a knowing curve.

To make interesting videos all you need to do is use one of the many video templates that feature Vidnami.

Select a design template. Individualize the video to your liking. That’s it.

Don’t know how to develop interesting videos? No problem.

By integrating words (your gone into text) with visual aids (moving images and video) videos developed with Vidnami go to the very core of human engagement and attention grabbing.

How? Since that’s basically how our brains are wired together.

Research study by kid advancement theorist Linda Kreger Silverman says that 25% of the population believes in the form of words exclusively, less than 30% strongly utilizes visual thinking and 45% of us use both point of views.

4. Vidnami makes it possible to create videos even if you’re shy or choose to keep your privacy
Whether you choose not to show your face on camera or even utilizing your voice for whatever the factor, the way Vidnami works has got you covered (pun meant).

Noble Samurai’s video production platform uses text, images, video clips, audio and music to make cool-looking videos and there’s no requirement to expose your face or voice publicly.

I suggest, you could, if you wished to. You don’t have to.

Besides the millions of images and video that you can use instead, Vidnami also has AutoVoice. A feature that will read your scripts aloud for you – you can pick from various voices and accents – and it sounds remarkable. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.


Vidnami Characteristics: What Comes Within?
The men at Noble Samurai are working consistently to improve Vidnami. New functions are being added rather often.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s included at today moment:


Artificial Intelligence
Vidnami’s main feature is the platform’s expert system (AI) that’s able to check out and comprehend any scrip you go into and rapidly selects related images or video to show your words.

This single process considerably reduces the time it would generally take you to create a similar video on any expensive video editor software application.

In the beginning of 2021 and after 3 years of development, a game-changing, brand-new version of their AI Engine was launched into Vidnami making it even smarter and quicker.


1080p Complete HD Quality & Different Video Sizes
Vidnami enables you to make high-definition videos at a 1080p resolution and at different sizes to match the suggested video format of your social media networks (e.g.: square and vertical formats). Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.


Multiple Video Templates
Utilizing a template to develop your Vidnami videos is optional, however they really speed things up.

That said, there are over 100 professional video templates for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc and they are organized like so:

  • Content videos (which can based on post).
  • Training/ online course videos.
  • Sales letter videos.
  • Influencer videos.
  • Video ads.
  • The possibilities are limitless: you’re free to create everything from local marketing videos to social media videos.


Full Theme Personalization.
You’re likewise complimentary to develop your own themes, add your own logo designs and brand name watermarks, include cool background images and different textures.

As individualizing the typefaces and colors to make your videos match your company’s or website’s appearance and feel.

Integrated Royalty-free Media (Like … millions of it!).
Vidnami actually provides actually countless royalty-free pieces of multiple-use media that you can add to your videos. That consists of:.

  • 125,000 music tracks from Videoblocks. *.
  • Over 790,000 video from Videoblocks. *.
  • 112,000,000 high-quality images.
  • All this built-in media, you likewise have the alternative to upload your own music tracks, video clips and images.

* An all-access yearly plan bought directly from Videoblocks would cost you $384 a year. If you’re a service it ‘d be even more costly. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.


Automated Voice Overs
While producing your videos, you’re able to tape your own voice or submit a pre-recorded voice track.

Or, instead, use AutoVoice to immediately turn your text to speech – a really cool feature for the ones who choose not to use their own voice.

AutoVoice provides dozens of different male and female voice over voices with accents from Australia, UK and the U.S.A. for you to choose from.

It does not sound like a robot reading at all and you can change their reading speed to your taste. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.


Limitless Video Creation
Unlike some web-based software subscription services where you have everyday/ month-to-month use limitations, Vidnami allows you to develop as lots of videos as you ‘d like. There are no limits on what you can do with the tool.


Private Community
Vidnami offers you access to a personal community on Facebook where you learn from fellow users, inquire for tips or their opinion on the videos you create and much more.


Vidnami or rather Noble Samurai, the makers of this tool, have a quick and nice support team.

I need to understand since I called them via e-mail once or twice just to understand there was no problem with their tool – it was simply a “bad user” mistake.

I even told them a super old computer system joke to excuse my lameness and they discovered it funny. That or … they pretended to get my joke, lol – that’s how cool and polite they are!

Aside from e-mail support, there are a ton of training videos that will get you utilized to the tool and creating the videos you require to grow your service quicker than you can read this entire Vidnami review. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.

As I wrote above, there’s also a Facebook group exclusive for paying members with lots of other Vidnami users all set to provide you an assisting hand.


Vidnami’s Pros & Cons
Like with anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to Vidnami.

What I Like:
Let’s this start with the stuff I like the most:.

  • Tidy and user-friendly interface.
  • Basic to utilize and quickly to deliver.
  • No prior video editing experience needed.
  • Videos can be totally personalized to your liking.
  • Substantial library of multiple-use royalty-free media readily available.
  • Quick to turn posts into videos with just a couple of clicks.
  • Regularly updated with brand-new functions and more built-in media.
  • Automatic voice over feature sounds incredible and comes with numerous choices.
  • No download or installation required – it’s a web-based tool and it’ll work on every platform or running system.

What I Don’t Like:

You understand it, there are no best tools, there’s constantly space for improvement. Regardless, some things might be more relevant to some users than to others.

If you ask me, here are a couple of things that could be much better:.

  • No lifetime membership available.
  • No video animations readily available. (E.g.: Typography, whiteboard, 2D and 3D animation.).
  • A bit costly for those on a tight budget plan or just starting out (although they occasionally run promos and discount rates). Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.



Vidnami Rates: Just how much does it expense
A Vidnami regular monthly membership will cost you $47.

Choosing the annual payment of $397 lowers the regular monthly fee to $33, as you’ll gain from a 30% deduction on the total price annually.

Speaking of lots, Noble Samurai occasionally runs some remarkable Vidnami discount rate offers on unique dates or events where both payment choices (monthly and yearly) decrease significantly.

You can also take the 14-day complimentary trial completely run the risk of complimentary, if you’re still uncertain about whether to get the tool.

Simply examine the sections listed below to read more about the discount rate and totally free trial. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.


Vidnami Discount rate: 25% OFF.
If you’re looking for a Vidnami offer, here it is.

I have actually secured an exclusive 25% off discount rate which decreases the monthly fee to $35 – instead of the routine $47. (The button below will send you directly to the checkout page.).

This implies you’ll conserve $12 a month permanently. I.e.: for as long as you keep your monthly subscription after clicking on the button above and getting this offer.



14-Day Free Trial
Better than reading my review of Vidnami, is to provide it a test run yourself.
Here’s what’s great about the free trial:.

It’s totally risk totally free – no payment details (charge card or PayPal) needed when producing an account.

Cancel it at any time – no questions asked, it’s done instantly.

25% off discount after the trial is over – if you decide to keep your account you’ll be able to delight in the very same offer as you would in case you purchased the reduced monthly strategy above straight. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.




Free Trial Limitations
Another advantage that further validated this was having the exact same opportunities as paying clients. Free trial users could utilize the tool to its complete extent to develop and download unlimited videos without any watermarks whatsoever or things like that.

Nevertheless, in June of 2020, due to a huge boost in the amount of people ‘trial hopping”, Noble Samurai were required to introduce two restrictions to the complimentary trial in order to bring back user experience:.

All videos developed with totally free trial accounts include a “TRIAL” watermark.
The auto-voice function is only offered to paying users.
These changes are rather reasonable.

Trial hoppers were essentially exhausting the platform resources to render countless videos free of charge which was interfering with the quality of the service for paying customers and costing the business thousands of dollars a month.


Vidnami Evaluation Wrap-Up & Final Verdict
Video has seen a meteoric development in the last few years and, in light of the many benefits it brings to the table for both content publishers and customers, it just seems to be going up.

No matter what you do online, if you want to be successful, this is an enormous opportunity that you have to take. Right now. That or … risk losing out on this chance.

It’s simpler said than done – you’re! Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.

There are a bunch of things to deal with like lack of cash and time, technical information, not owning correct recording gear, not wanting to show your face on camera, and so on, and so on …

Thankfully, there are tools that solve most of these problems. Noble Samurai’s video creation tool being one of them and one of the best in this category.

Vidnami is so basic to utilize that no prior video editing experience is needed. All you require is to follow its detailed approach to produce incredible videos in – literally – minutes of your time.

And since it’s a web-based tool, it will work on any platform (no download/ setup or compatibility issues) making it super useful and readily available anywhere you go.

In addition to the time and headaches it will conserve you, it’s not that pricey either, specifically when compared to the alternatives. For those just beginning, it might still seem like it’s too much, that’s for sure.

However if you take a look at it as an investment, one with excellent potential to improve conversions/ sales/ leads and engagement, improve search engine rankings, drive more traffic, build brand awareness … it will pay for itself.

All things thought about, my decision is beyond positive: Vidnami gets a 4.5 score out of 5 and I certainly suggest it.

After all is stated and done, if you’re still on the fence, why do not you go ahead and give it a test run?

It’s 100% risk complimentary, no payment information are required and you get to keep all the videos you develop during your trial. Adobe Premiere Pro Vidnami.